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How to make themes woocommerce compatible?

Want to make themes woocommerce compatible? When you build WordPress themes from the scratch, generally WooCommerce support is not integrated. To integrate the Woocommerce function, you need to make some tweaks in your themes files. First, duplicate your page.php in themes. Rename it to woocommerce.php . Then open and remove the WordPress post/page loop by woocommerce […]

How to fix WordPress maintenance error ?

Internet disconnection, power failure, browser closing by misclick while upgrading plugins or themes may cause an annoying WordPress error with “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” message. Don’t worry, it can be easily solved. To fix WordPress maintenance error, there are few ways, but the easiest way is logging in your […]

How to make WordPress Page template?

Generally, themes page.php is used as default page template. But if you wants to create a custom page template, then you just need to copy page.php codes and save a new name like template-custom.php . You need to add this code in the very beginning. Additionally, you can add custom php codes, wordpress loops, HTML […]

How to show post excerpt in wordpress?

There are two ways to show post excerpt in WordPress. I will show you here. First method: First add this code in functions.php then add this code in the loop and single.php You can show featured images too, just add the_post_thumbnail(); Another Method: First add these codes in functions.php just like first methods. Then add […]

How to add secondary menu in footer

By default, every theme has a primary menu. Suppose, you need to add an extra menu. Yes, you can. WordPress has a function called register_nav_menu that will let you create an extra menu anywhere in the site as you wish. The wp_nav_menu function will display the menu in the desired place. This is how to […]